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Logo Design

A logo can say as much about the business as it does about the person overseeing the final approval of the design. Keep this in mind when asking others for their opinion, as they may not fully understand what is required. The more people involved with the final decision making process the longer it can take. If you ask six people what their thoughts are they'll possibly give you six different opinions. Be confident: You and the designer will work out what works best for your business.

As many ways as you can draw a line down a page, there are as many options to design a logo. Combine that with the colours of the rainbow, the vast amount of techniques available, and the possibilities are endless!

As you start the initial process of logo design there are a number of things to consider: Will there be signage? What sort of signage? Will the logo need to go on a uniform or stitched onto fabric? Plus what other immediate promotional material are required? You need to consider these things, in part, because you want to ensure a consistent brand across all forms of communication.

As a designer, we need to take into account the type of business the logo is being designed for, plus the audience that business attracts, while ensuring that our clients are happy to have that image represent their business.

As a client, if you can supply as much information as possible as to your thoughts on the logo or your competitor's logos, it makes the process move so much more smoothly. Supplying this information may help speed the process, because a logo can take an hour or many many hours depending on the clarity of the information originally given, plus the clarity of the feedback concerning the initial designs submitted.

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Family of Logos

Families of logos are logos grouped together for a product range or different departments within a business. There's always a common element that ties these logos together, whether it's the same font, colour palette, graphic device, or the same illustrative technique.

Once you've established that a family of logo's are needed you then need to keep in mind all of the considerations mentioned above for designing a single logo.

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Medium to large businesses can spend hundreds of thousands, or even millions of dollars developing their logo branding, this generally includes a brand guidelines book. These brand books show staff and external contractors how the logo and livery are to be displayed. They show how the logo is constructed i.e. exact colour breakdowns (RGB, CMYK, Pantone) plus reverse options, plus using the logo in any given circumstance from stationery, shop fit-outs, vehicles, advertising and everything in between, it all depends on the business. They can show how to use the logo against various types of images and how to not use the logo, where it is allowed to be placed and where it is not allowed.

Some businesses just opt for a single page of guidelines; there's far less information, just the basics.

Branding books can also explain how additional graphic devices are to be used and how the company likes to speak to its customer e.g. the sentence construction for advertising or any written material.

As businesses become more competitive in this global market it is becoming vital that they represent a uniform cohesive consistent message to their customer so that they stand out from the crowd. Branding has become a very important aspect of survival for a lot of businesses.

Just the Basics

We've listed above the most popular items we are asked to design and produce at Socket to Me, if you can't see what you want here don't panic just give us a call or email and tell us what you need.