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Websites range from the very simple 'one page' site to some of the most complex online software in the world today. Actually even the humble one page site has made a recent design leap; they are still one page but you can scroll down or across the page with multi-layered functions occurring throughout, some are quite spectacular! Of course there are entire books and websites based on website design, programming and the latest breakthroughs. So we thought it best to discuss how to get a website started instead.

First things first, have you booked a website name? You need to ensure that you can book your business/ product name or similar to the name before you get started. If you can't get the name you want, think about a short sentence that best describes it.

Next thing you need to decide, who is your primary audience? Are there competitor's sites? Actually competitor's sites are a great source for a designer because you can show the designer the competition and what sort of sites you like or dislike. Then you need to write down everything you want to see contained in the website i.e. Contact detail, product/service description, photos, diagrams, videos, uploadable content, about, etc. Once you have these answered the designer and yourself can work out the best structure the website should take.

Just to let you know, even the simplest sites can contain a lot of information, so your business may be required to write the text and supply relevant photos. As we say at Socket to Me, you are the one who knows your business best.

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Email Marketing

There are many ways to send out email promotions, our preference is to use outside online mail sites. With these sites you can easily see how your email will appear online with all images linked to their site. You can even choose multiple templates that can be easily adjusted to suit the campaign or we can design an email from scratch. These sites also offer templates specifically designed to be viewed on hand-held devices.

These online mail sites also manage your email addresses while being quite cost effective.

We find the process that works best is for our clients to set-up their own account with one of these online sites. Then send us the username and password. We then design the email, upload the images to the site and customise the type and HTML, if required. All you need to do is add the email addresses and send it out.

We can also set-up a template which you can change the text on. Very handy.

As we said before, there are MANY other ways to create these campaigns but we find that this works best and our clients have complete control of the process.

Social Media

Social Media has to be one of the biggest recent trends for contacting customers. You can tell your customers about what is happening at THAT moment. Upload photos of new products. Send links to articles and websites that are relevant to them and your business.

There are businesses that have people specifically employed to update their social media pages or you can engage a marketing company to keep your social media pages ticking along. Whilst we don't offer this service, we can create all of the graphics needed for these sites e.g. Facebook cover page and profile picture and twitter profile graphic.

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Online Advertising

Online advertising can simply be a text listing or an elaborate singing and dancing full blown production, budget will determine the final outcome. There are many sites out there that allow you to add your business information for free; the most often viewed is of course, Google. It's a great place to start.

The simplest online ad is the static text listing these can be designed to fit any budget. Just make sure that the words used are relevant to your target audience. Click-through text ads are great because you simply enter how much you're prepared to pay and it will stop when the click-through $ limit is reached.

The next level is the static/moving image ad. These come in a multiple range of sizes and budgets. Just like a newspaper or magazine advertisement the price of the ad will be calculated by the readership on the site and the size of the ad plus where it is placed on the site e.g. home page or another relevant position.

Animated ads can either be an animated GIF or a Flash file. There is a strict file size limit placed on all image based ads, this is to ensure that it loads up quickly on the site.

As with all advertising make sure that you're targeting your key audience, have a clear message in your ad that compels the audience to click through to the next stage. Once they click through, what should they do next? Should the viewer look at the website, maybe join a mailing list, receive a free sample, there are multiple options. Just make sure it's clear and your online ad won't be wasted.

Just the Basics

We've listed above the most popular items we are asked to design and produce at Socket to Me, if you can't see what you want here don't panic just give us a call or email and tell us what you need.