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We realize that the word 'Promotions' is a bit ambiguous but it was either that or 'Marketing', 'Merchandise', 'Packaging' or something else. Promotions seemed to fit. In this section we're really talking about alternative ways of promoting your business via a presentation, give-away, or product.


PowerPoints are of course used for presentations but they are also used as self-running displays at Trade Fairs, or as presentations at lectures. The great thing about PowerPoint presentations is that once they have been designed and created you can edit them yourself by adding or deleting slides. Just make sure to keep with the format of the existing design structure - after all, you took the trouble to get a designer to design it.

Another popular PowerPoint is the branded template. A cover page and text page are designed, plus any additional style template pages. You add the text and photos. These templates are great for large organizations' as they ensure a consist brand throughout the company.

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There are many options with the packaging for CDs or DVDs they start with a simple clear pocket that can be added to presentation folders, then a cardboard sleeve, right up to cases. When deciding what option to take you need ask yourself - are you selling these or are you giving them away? What is the quantity? What image do you want to project? What is the budget? How much information do you want in it?

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OK this topic is a big one, but it can be defined (within the definition of this Promotions page) as anything you add your logo or identifying image or slogan, to hand-out or sell-on. It's one of the simpler pieces of artwork to create because of the strict limitations that need to be met. For example a pen or a mug will have a particular surface area that you can print into or a limited amount of colours that you can use.

When deciding what merchandise to pick the larger the quantity, the cheaper the unit price. Are you going to be giving these away or selling them? You may also need to consider the mail out cost. We recommend getting more made than less, it's better to have leftovers than to not have enough.

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Just the Basics

We've listed above the most popular items we are asked to design and produce at Socket to Me, if you can't see what you want here don't panic just give us a call or email and tell us what you need.