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OK, online books and hand-held devices are certainly putting a dent in the print book market. But books of all kind still need to be designed and prepared for publication. Books are quite a complex piece of design you need to ensure each element will work throughout the entire book - header, footer, headline, subheadings, body text, chapter headings, captions and that's just the basics. Plus, if the book is printed it needs to works within the 4 or 8+ page impositions - you'll never see an uneven amount of pages in a printed book.

As we all know printed books have a limitless array of sizes, stocks (paper), cover possibilities, binding options, print run quantities and, of course, design possibilities. The budget will dictate a lot of these concerns.

Digital books on the other hand have there own set of concerns. Can it be read comfortably on a number of devices? How large will the final file be when downloading?


Catalogues are great fun to create.

Catalogues can be quite text heavy or strewn with photos that fill all the pages, it all depends on the product/service and the target market. You need to ensure that the complete message you are trying to convey is contained in this one book - it's a great all-in-one selling tool. A lot of thinking needs to be done, even before the design gets started. How will the catalogue be distributed? How much will the postage be if you decide to mail it? What envelope will it fit into, or is it going to be shrink-wrapped at a mailing house? How many do you need printed? Note: Always print extra as the cost of running a few extra through the printer is nothing compared to the price of reprinting. Most of the printing cost is setting up the press, preparing the plates and printing. Not the cost of the paper (stock).

Oh and another thing printers don't keep printing plates. Printing plates are produced on very cost-effective thin metal. They are not considered worth storing as they start deteriorating not long after they're used.

Other considerations: How long do you expect your catalogue to last - one month or one year? This can affect the binding process - some bindings are built to last, while others aren't so sturdy. If photographs are required does a photographer need to be included in the budget? Or have photos been taken already? Can you acquire photos from another source?

Like books, the size, stock, cover, binding, print run options are endless. Except that catalogues are generally given away, so you need to keep that in mind when working out your budget. Plus you now have the option of being able to create downloadable PDF versions of your catalogue, which is fantastic! These can be emailed to customers or made available for downloading from your website. As a courtesy it's nice to include how big the file size is on the website, if its a large file it's nice to know. There's also the option of having realistic page turning onscreen - which looks fantastic.

Annual Report

Annual Reports are an opportunity to show clients or stakeholders, the year's activities, highlight the positive advancements that have occurred over the year and showcase what is happening in the future. A business no longer needs to print their Annual Report as they can be easily downloaded from the company website as a PDF document. Or an Annual Report can be a further component of the company website with separate chapters displayed as key pages. It all depends on how you want to convey the information. Printed Annual Reports are a useful option because they can be displayed in reception areas or mailed out to future clients/stakeholders throughout the year.

Like printed catalogues, Annual Reports can be any size, any stock (paper) and be bound in multiple ways - our preference for binding is either saddle-stitched or perfect bound. These two processes will last the appropriate amount of time and are the most cost effective. Annual Reports can also take the form of a poster or even a series of cards. Options are endless it all depends on the target audience and what best reflects your business.

Designers relish Annual Reports as it's an opportunity to really use a vast array of skills.

Just the Basics

We've listed above the most popular items we are asked to design and produce at Socket to Me, if you can't see what you want here don't panic just give us a call or email and tell us what you need.