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Retail Signage

Signage covers many areas; the first thing that comes to mind is shop signage, which can include very simple vinyl lettering and graphics, that tend to be displayed on glass.

Vinyl comes in a wide range of colours, although the colours aren't limitless so you may need to compromise sometimes. Along with vinyl cut lettering you can also print images onto the vinyl. This looks especially great when you have a large photograph printed on vinyl covering a large window.

Another common option is the light-box sign, these have hard acrylic sheets inserted on either side of an aluminum casing with fluorescent tubes inside. These are quite a cost effective option especially if you only need to replace the acrylic inserts.

After this there are endless options - large photographic images filling whole walls, 3D forms that jut out, metallic cut lettering, gold and silver finishes, neon lights (these are not really used as often as they used to as it's a more expensive process) plus heaps more. It's only limited by the space, imagination and budget.

Banners & Posters

Stand-alone banners have become one of the cheapest ways of promoting a product or service. They come in a wide range of widths and heights, are easy to transport and erect. There are even a choice of materials to print onto, from the cheapest material that are best for one-off occassions, to the far more robust fabrics that are built to last. When deciding you need to consider if the weather will affect it.

One of the other great things about stand-alone banners is you can replace just the material component; this saves on costs.

Banners can also refer to a wide array of other displays including flags, teardrop banners and countless other variations. If a photographic image is required, the photo will have to be of a very high quality, because if it's too small the image will appear pixelated and there's nothing worse than a pixelated image. They distract from the message and makes the business appear unprofessional.

Posters/billboards are generally printed on paper/canvas respectively. With printing techniques such as digital printing it's now possible to order just one large print but any amount over 100 - 200 it's more cost effective to get them commerically printed. As like banners if a photographic image is required it must be of a high quality. This is especially true for billboard images.

General Display

The list of signage possibilites is actually quite enormous, it includes promotions on buses, trams, cars, commercial buildings, retails shops - anything really!

In fact the variety of materials used in signage is extensive. There are large format printers that can print on large variety of surfaces, like glass. You're really only limited by your imagination and budget.

There's only one rule that you need to keep in mind, as above, if you require a photograph in the promotion it must be of a high quality. If however the artwork is only made of vector graphics (computer rendered lines) then there is no limit to the size.

Actually whether its signage, printed material or websites, vector graphics are the best choice for consistent colour and shape. This is why designers tend to favour logos as vector graphics, they work in any size.

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Just the Basics

We've listed above the most popular items we are asked to design and produce at Socket to Me, if you can't see what you want here don't panic just give us a call or email and tell us what you need.